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Orders & Products

Where is my order?

For any questions relating to an order, please contact customer service by submitting the contact form here. Alternatively, you could write to customer service at: intlschool@scholastic.com. Please quote your order number in any correspondence.

Why are some products that I see on other Scholastic websites not available in my country?

It's possible that we don't have the rights to sell the product that you are looking for in your country. Please contact your local Scholastic Sales Representative for alternate options.

How do I open an account with Scholastic?

You will need to complete a new customer account form. Please contact your local Scholastic Sales Representative for further details.

Shipping & Delivery Information

What are your shipping and delivery policies?

Shipping and handling charges are not included.

Shipping charges may vary by region. Please request a proforma to receive exact shipping charges. Any additional customs duties or local fees are the customer's responsibility.

If you are using a freight forwarder, we will ship your product to its US location free of charge. Shipments requiring rush delivery will be subject to a surcharge."

Customer Service

Who is my Scholastic Sales Representative?

You can view the Scholastic Sales Representative for your country here.

How can I contact customer service?

You can contact customer service by filling and submitting our contact form here. For additional product information or when inquiring about orders (please include your account and invoice number if you have one), you can:

Email: intlschool@scholastic.com

Call: +1-646-330-5288 (International Toll Free)

Fax: +1-646-837-7878

How can I talk to someone at Scholastic about the most suitable products for my specific requirements?

We welcome you to take advantage of our Sales Representative’s expertise by discussing any specific requirements you have. You can view the Sales Representative that covers your region, and contact them by submitting the contact form here.

Payment & Discounts

Where can I find information about pricing and discounts?

Any prices given on this website are list prices, which do not include any additional charges such as shipping and handling. For details on special offers and discounts, please contact your local Sales Representative by sending in your inquiry via our contact form. Please note that all prices are subject to change.

What methods of payment are available?

Payments should be made with order or upon receipt of invoice. Checks and money orders (in US currency) should be made payable to Scholastic Inc. You can also charge to your MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover (minimum order $25). Please contact intlschool@scholastic.com for wire transfer information, or fill and submit the contact form here.