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Supporting Your Library’s Initiatives
Enhance storytime, support kindergarten readiness, and round out early and family literacy events with this delightful reading resource.
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Creating Meaningful Family Interactions
BookFlix is a family-friendly tool that offers children and their parents a productive and meaningful way to spend screen time together—from any screen and from anywhere!
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The Research Behind the Read-Alouds
Research shows unequivocally that read-alouds promote literacy. Each thoughtfully paired fiction and nonfiction title includes a read-aloud with word highlighting to build early literacy skills and reading confidence.
Data courtesy of the Audio Publishers Association
Owl Character
Increase Reading Accuracy

Increase reading accuracy by 52%


Teaches pronunciation

Expands vocabulary

Expands vocabulary

Increases reading speed

Increases reading speed

Combining print and audio

Combining print and audio increases recall 40% over print alone.

listen and comprehend

Students can listen and comprehend two grade levels above their reading level.

auditory learners

27% of the K–12 population are auditory learners.

learn by listening

85% of what we learn, we learn by listening.

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Downloadable MARC records for BookFlix ensure your patrons can discover all of our delightful animated stories and age-appropriate nonfiction ebooks when browsing for resources.
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Book: Where The Wild Things Are
“And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!”
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