Bumble and Bee

Bumble and Bee love to buzz around the pond and make mischief. Their cranky best friend Froggy prefers the peace and quiet of sitting on a lily pad. They may be an unlikely trio, but no matter what these friends dream up, you can count on hilarious, unexpected FUN!

Don't Worry, Bee Happy

Bumble and Bee Trailer

A Crabby Book

Meet Crabby. This crab is a little bit grumpy, a little bit bored, and just plain crabby! Plankton tries again and again to cheer Crabby up—with laugh-out-loud results!

Hello, Crabby!


Dragon is a humble hero with a heart of gold, and he always helps those who need him.

A Friend For Dragon

Fairylight Friends

A Magic Spark

Fox Tails

The Great Bunk Bed Battle

Frog Meets Dog

Dog wants to play. Can Dog play with Frog, Frog, and Frog? The frogs hop... but Dog just FLOPS. Will the frogs ever play with Dog? Discover this hilarious friendship series perfect for beginning readers.

Frog Meets Dog

Hello, Hedgehog!

Best friends Harry and Hedgehog tackle common milestones—like learning to ride a bike without training wheels—in these sweet and reassuring friendship stories.

Do You Like My Bike?

Mister Shivers

This collection of scary stories features a doll that comes to life, toys that want revenge on their owner, and a girl who swallows a mouse. This spooky series will keep kids turning pages, and it is guaranteed to make them gasp!

Beneath The Bed and Other Scary Stories

Moby Shinobi and Toby Too

A young ninja and his dog, Toby, love to go on adventures together, whether they're rescuing a sailboat or taking a hike. Along the way, they learn that teamwork makes every job easier!

Surf's Up!


Poppleton enjoys small town life! He embarks on many adventures with his friends and neighbors, including Cherry Sue the llama, Fillmore the goat, and Hudson the mouse.


Princess Truly

With the help of her magic, sparkling curls, Princess Truly can do anything she sets her mind to—fly like a superhero, explore the world, and dream up amazing inventions. These rhyming girl-power stories empower kids to dream BIG!

I Am A Super Girl!

Watch the Trailer!

Unicorn and Yeti

Unicorn has a horn and can do magic. Yeti is big and furry and cannot do magic. But what do these two have in common? Well, they both love sparkly things, rainbow sprinkles, and—most of all—being best friends!

Sparkly New Friends

Watch the Trailer!

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